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Did a previous experience make you feel unwelcome or intimidated? Unfortunately, many gyms can be quite uninviting, but not here! Our training regimen has been designed to ensure that our male and female members from beginner to advanced, all have an equal and inviting training experience. Here at Carlsbad Kickboxing Club, we invite you to come train with us,laugh with us, increase your confidence, and get into the best shape of your life! We guarantee it!

Have you ever wanted to learn an exciting sport like Muay Thai or Boxing?

Learn the art and become an explosive and more

dynamic athlete under our Carlsbad Kickboxing Training System.

At Carlsbad Kickboxing Club we offer boxing classes of all levels, from beginner to advanced. In our boxing gym, participants will gain both physical and mental strength by training with our passionate professional coaching staff.


We have programs for Men, Women, Kids and Teens! Carlsbad Muay Thai also offers MMA, and a world class internationally proven Carlsbad Muay Thai youth program, at our Carlsbad Gym your children will gain skills that will stay with them for a lifetime! Our training facility doesn’t just have Martial Arts we offer HIIT style training in our new Carlsbad training Camp Boot Camp!

The path to fitness through boxing will be sure to get you tone, fit, and ready to take on new challenges. Boxing is great for strengthening the core, toning the triceps and burning calories. A frequently asked question is where is boxing near me? Our answer is Carlsbad Muay Thai, a boxing gym equipped with everything you need to get in shape, learn self-defense, and create healthier habits. 


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