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Have you ever wanted to learn an exciting sport like Muay Thai or Boxing? Did a previous experience make you feel unwelcome or intimidated? Unfortunately, many gyms can be quite uninviting, but not here! Our training regimen has been designed to ensure that our male and female members from beginner to advanced, all have an equal and inviting training experience. Here at Carlsbad Kickboxing Club, we invite you to come train with us, laugh with us, increase your confidence, and get into the best shape of your life! We guarantee it!

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Join our diverse community and see what everyone is talking about! Carlsbad Kickboxing is an unparalleled Martial arts and fitness training Academy that offers Authentic Muay Thai kickboxing, Boxing, A world class kids program, and self defense classes. We also have a full staff of certified fitness professionals dedicated to helping you crush your goals.


Learn the art of Muay Thai and become an explosive and more dynamic athlete under our Carlsbad Kickboxing Muay Thai Training System. At Carlsbad Kickboxing Club we offer Muay Thai and boxing classes for all levels, from beginner to advanced. In our boxing gym, participants will gain both physical and mental strength by training with our extremely passionate professional coaching staff.


Our boxing classes teach basic punch combinations, footwork, defense and varied assortment of heavy bag, and pad work. If your confidence takes you there, train to compete. Next time you’re on your couch thinking, where is there a boxing gym near me, think Carlsbad Kickboxing Club. Come get in shape!

The staff is super friendly and helpful for people that are new to Boxing and Muay Thai.

Michael Debbas

Great place to learn kickboxing while getting an incredible workout. My daughter and I started together, both beginners and have felt totally welcomed and supported. A lot more fun than any other martial art.

David Ruiz

I was always curious about kickboxing/Muay Thai and I’m so glad my colleague convinced me to go to the Carlsbad Kickboxing Club! I instantly felt comfortable around the others there, even as a novice. It’s great that people of all skill levels are welcome and always learning more. The instructors (Arthur and Xavier) are very attentive and careful about fixing technique – every class I learn something new. I don’t think I’ll ever have the guts to really fight but it’s a great workout and opportunity to learn some useful skills!

Tais Sung

I have been out of the workout game for a couple of years and was a bit intimidated to reach out to Carlsbad Kickboxing Club, but everyone has been so welcoming and helpful, from the first phone call, to the welcoming reception at the gym, to the instructors. So happy to have found this gym. If you’re thinking about it – go for it!

Maureen Booth

Had a great first experience, everyone there is super helpful and kind and you get a great workout in. Highly recommended at least trying one class.

Jasmine Z

This gym is amazing. This is a great place for beginners and advanced fighters. I have been going here for a year and felt completely at home. Going someplace new can be daunting, and the coaches Arthur and Xavier make sure you feel like one of the community. Classes are offered at various times to fit any schedule. Definitely will continue going.

LaShawn James

I’ve been there a month now consistently and had some time to get a true feel for the gym. I did a lot of research to make sure I was joining the right gym and I’m 100% happy with my decision here. I would recommend CKC to anyone. Its exactly what I was looking for. Couldn’t be happier.

Steven Rider

Visiting from Tucson and decided to drop in for a class taught by Hakan. Very knowledgeable in the art of MT. High pace class to get a great sweat in, but he also took the time to break down combinations in order to perfect technique across the room. Overall impressed with the gym here and how welcoming the community was. Samantha at the desk was very helpful and showed me around the site. Will definitely be back here when in town again.

nicole saab

I’m totally new to boxing, and the crew had been only welcoming, patient, and positive– they run a clean, knowledgeable gym with an encouraging vibe. I love the accomplishment I feel and the ways I see improvement. You will get a great workout and be treated like family!!

Emily Carkhuff

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Carlsbad Membership

The path to fitness through boxing will be sure to get you tone, fit, and ready to take on new challenges. Boxing is great for strengthening the core, toning the triceps and burning calories. A frequently asked question is where is boxing near me? Our answer is Carlsbad Kickboxing Club, a boxing gym equipped with everything you need to get in shape, learn self-defense, and create healthier habits.


A typical class will involve a minimum of 6 rounds of boxing work on the heavy bag along with various Boxing combinations and bodyweight exercises. We focus on proven training methods to develop a well conditioned body for the sport of boxing.

Muay Thai

This class is an all levels sweat session. We take the time to explain details about
the technique of the day. We then drill and implement it in our conditioning session. We focus on proven training methods to develop a well-conditioned body for the sport of muay thai .

Training Camp

Our group classes are convenient, fun, high energy, and guaranteed to burn maximum calories! We understand your schedule is packed

Kids Program

At Carlsbad Kickboxing Club our goal is to instill the utmost confidence in your child, and to provide the most comprehensive, age specific, martial arts training programs designed around the principles of muay thai kickboxing.