The Benefits of Boxing for Kids

The Benefits of Boxing for Kids

A few years ago, a then four-year-old tried a free trial class at Carlsbad Kickboxing Club with her older sister. While there wasn’t an age limit on the youth muay thai boxing class, (it was based on each individual) mentally she just wasn’t there yet.

But there was a fire and passion in that four-year-old, and it was quickly apparent that this wasn’t just a place to run around and play. She had a passion for the sport—even at such a young age.

It took nearly a year of coming back to try every five or so months, and before she was six, she got the go ahead and joined the Carlsbad Kickboxing Club and since then, she hasn’t looked back.

That fire and determination is something not every kid might have for the sport, but the lessons boxing taught and continues to teach such young kids are invaluable.

See below to see some of the many benefits of boxing for kids.

Builds Confidence and Provides Self Defense—Believing in abilities is key for any child. Boxing builds a kid’s self-esteem and gives them a sense of empowerment in case they ever would need to defend themselves. Boxing teaches safety and teaches proper techniques should a kid be forced to use it outside of the ring.

Social Development—This is often more overlooked than physical benefits of boxing, but it is important as it gives kids something healthy and safe to do and it is productive. It also can give kids a place to put their aggression or energy.

Physical health—Boxing helps the heart. The high intense exercises combined with improved hand-eye coordination, balance and more, will overall, help improve a kid’s physical health.

Set Goals—Kids learn how to set goals for themselves when they box whether a trainer pushes them to overcome a particular challenge or win a tournament, achieving any goal (big or small) will make a kid feel empowered.

Discipline and Focus—You cannot have bad behavior when learning the sport of boxing. With sparring, for example, the goal isn’t to hurt your opponent. Following rules in boxing is a healthy way for kids to improve their discipline. Boxing requires concentration and definitely tests a child’s mental strength, which could be useful outside of the gym in school and at home.

While some might think boxing might be a dangerous sport for kids, that isn’t the case. There are many benefits for young boxers with adult and trainer supervision. To learn more about Carlsbad Kickboxing Club’s kid’s programs, click here.

Muay Thai 101 With Head Coach Xavier Barker

Muay Thai 101 With Head Coach Xavier Barker

Are you new to the sport of muay thai? Are you an MMA fighter interested in incorporating muay thai techniques into your training? Or have you never had any kind of training before and are interested in learning more about a great way to work out? To properly understand the following, you need to learn them from an instructor who can provide you with an in-depth explanation of the technique, help correct your mistakes, answer your questions and detail how the technique should be utilized. Enter Carlsbad Kickboxing Coach Xavier Barker. The tutorial will briefly outline the sport to get you on your way and if you have any questions, feel free to reach out to Carlsbad Kickboxing Club to schedule your free trial class.

Question 1: we get asked a lot about what actually is muay thai? Muay Thai is a kickboxing style of martial arts from Thailand. It involves powerful striking techniques such as elbow strikes and knee strikes. In fact, many MMA fighters utilize muay thai training in order to maximize their striking expertise.

Question 2: What does muay thai mean? It is a term based on words from Thailand. “Thai” stands for the country of Thailand. “Muay” is the Thai word for boxing. So, in English, “muay thai” roughly stands for “Thai boxing.” Muay thai is also known as the “Art of Eight Limbs.” The reason for this is because it uses 8 potential points of contact in its strikes including two fists, two feet, two knees and two elbows. Many other traditional martial arts mainly use either two points of contact such as fists only or four points of contact such as two fists and two feet.

Below as some basic terms and techniques you will learn if you train in muay thai, but again, to learn more on the sport, please reach out to Carlsbad Kickboxing Club to schedule your free trial class.

Muay Thai Blocks

Muay Thai Buok – Muay Thai Shin Block

Muay Thai Clinching Techniques

Muay Thai Djab Ko – Muay Thai Clinch

Muay Thai Kicks

Kradot Te – Jump Kick

Kradot Thip – Jumping Push Kick or Foot Thrust

Te Chiang – Diagonal Kick

Te Khao – Axe Kick

Te Klap Lang – Reverse Roundhouse Kick

Te Kot – Downward Roundhouse Kick

Te Tat – Muay Thai Roundhouse Kick

Te Trong – Front Kick or Straight Kick

Thip Khang – Side Foot Thrust