In April of this year, the World Boxing Council launched a Muay Thai Youth Cares program in Japan, to inspire new generation boxers and help to expand that community around the world. The program is committed to the wellbeing of all youths who participate in the sport and through the program’s global network. The youth program aims to connect all likeminded youths participating in the sport and will allow the young boxers to share their interests, techniques, help each other through difficult times in life and inspire each other.

And in late June, the program actually showcased those same sporting values in Moscow where a host of young Russian Muaythai enthusiasts gathered with former WBC Muaythai champions to showcase the ancient tradition of the Wai Kru ceremony (pictured here).

Mr. Fabio Chinda, Minister of the Royal Thai Embassy to the Russian Federation, also in attendance at the event stated, “In Thailand, the martial art of muay thai has existed throughout the country’s long history and has evolved over centuries to become one of Thailand’s national sports, a source of pride for the entire nation, and a mesmerizing art that captures the hearts of people from all around the world, including here in Russia. The number of muay thai activities, competitions, and training camps spread across more than 80 regions of Russia, has proven that Russian people shared affection for muay thai, and I sincerely hope that muay thai, as a sport and cultural art, will continue to link our people and nations.”

As mentioned earlier one of our blog, the sport of muay thai is quickly becoming a global phenomenon, but both boxing clubs and muay thai gyms around the world are expanding and focusing more and more on educating and training today’s youth.

Carlsbad Kickboxing Club, for one, covers the art of 8 limbs in a safe kid’s program geared to teach leg kicks, knees, clinching and elbows, and, like the WBC MuayThai Youth Cares Program, the idea is to convey positivity, confidence, togetherness in sport, and inclusion among the world’s Muay Thai youth community.

One of the gym’s own, Arthur Morev, just recently won the YDL belt at the recent TBA Classic Muay Thai World Expo in Iowa. According to his coach, “he has gone from a shy guy not wanting to do muay thai to a confident young champion with the help is his trainer.”

The kids’ program at Carlsbad Kickboxing Club is committed to establishing measurable results like Morev’s and is also dedicated to providing every student with the most positive training atmosphere possible.

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