These are unprecedented times, as the impacts of COVID-19 continues to evolve at a rapid pace. Among others, gyms and fitness studios, along with a slew of other retailers, have been forced to shut their doors during the pandemic. The key, though, is to adapt and reinvent.

Carlsbad Kickboxing Club, for example, has done just that and quickly moved to teaching live online classes. “While learning this new normal has certainly not been a smooth process, it is our new normal and we are adapting,” says Carlsbad Kickboxing Club owner Rolando Montano.

What is most important for the Club, Montano adds, is to continue to support its members the way they support the Club.

“We will continue to motivate each other to get through this,” he adds.

Carlsbad Kickboxing Club has taken that motivation and support just one step further and loaned out its equipment free of charge including heavy bags and mitts and pads to those members who have chosen to remain active in these challenging times.

“We are doing our best to adapt to this new reality and it will make us stronger,” Montano continued. “On-demand virtual classes and step by step instructional videos could even remain part of our program moving forward and I truly believe this setback will make us stronger.”

Overall, the COVID-19 certainly have presented challenges unlike any other to the health and wellness industry, but thanks in part to small business owners like Carlsbad Kickboxing Club, who truly care about being connected to their members while not in a physical location, this too shall pass. “We will continue to keep our members, our family, active, motivated and above all, supported.”

You can still support Carlsbad Kickboxing Club from the comfort of your home with Zoom Email us @ or DM us on INSTAGRAM @carlsbadkickboxingclub for your password.